Animals that have more Instagram followers than you!

The World Animal Day (Oct 4th) is celebrated in various ways in every nation, irrespective of political ideology, faith, religion or nationality. Through increased awareness plus education, we are able to create a world whereby animals are always acknowledged as sentient beings plus full regard is constantly paid to their welfare.

The following animals prove the above point having massive Instagram followers and spreading the message of animal love across the globe.

Nala Cat (@nala_cat)
(3.7 Million Followers)

    Juniper Fox (@juniperfoxx)
    (2.4 Million Followers)

      Loki The Wolfdog (@loki)
      (1.8 Million Followers)

        Pumpkin Raccoon (@pumpkintheraccoon) 
        (1.5 Million Followers)

          Diddy Kong Monkey (@realdiddykong)
          (1 Million Followers)

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