Indie Combo (RFID Shield)

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  • Individually handmade
  • Thinner and lighter than leathers
  • Made from Tyvek® which contains millions of non-woven fibers making it incredibly strong and durable
  • Water resistant, its fibers are not paper but flash-spun synthetic so they retain their strength in wet conditions.
  • 100% Recyclable and Vegan
  • Products/Combos Bought on Sale are not Returnable

Classic Superwallet (RFID Shield)

Handmade and stitched with care to create a durable wallet which is thinner and lighter than boring leathers


Superslim Wallet (RFID Shield)

The thinnest, lightest wallets in the world designed with care to augment your modern lifestyle


Travel Wallet

Now Travel the world in style and keep your documents
safe and dry



Supervek Superwallets are carefully designed and made from Tyvek® 

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