The Story Behind the Supervek Slinger

The Story Behind the Supervek Slinger

Our slingers are easily our most advanced creations till date. With its dedicated wallet holder, adjustable belt and two-way easy access pocket, they can be worn as a fanny pack, waist pouch or bum bag. Read on to find out the story behind the creation of the Supervek slinger.

Functional. Futuristic. Effortlessly Fashionable. Our slingers are easily our most advanced creations till date. Our objective was simple: Bring to you highly functional gear that just intuitively gets you.



The story of our slingers starts in late 2019, when the world was witnessing a fashion renaissance. 70s-80s inspired fashion were making a comeback and the fanny pack was emerging as the new "must-have" streetwear accessory. But we knew that your current lifestyle is nothing like the vintage era - we were now living in a much more fast-paced world where convenience was the topmost priority. We thus set out on a journey to revamp the age-old fanny pack and transform it into the most advanced carry solution in the world.


We started out by replicating pre-existing fanny packs in the market on Tyvek. We started testing various prototypes of the fanny pack by making different iterations on the shape, padding used,  zips, runners, carabiners etc. However, we seemed to hit a dead end when we realised that these prototypes were not all that spacious. The samples we found in the market would make for short-term fashion accessories but they were nowhere close to the level of utility we wanted our slingers to have.


Soon enough, we started experimenting with our own stencils - adding pieces, different types of lining materials, exrtra ears etc. We wanted the slingers to be durable, water resistant, light-weight yet hella spacious.



A landmark moment came when we decided to use PU zips and PU coated lining that made the slinger fully water resistant. We also added a back panel to give the slinger improved structural integrity and convert it into a design that could sit comfortably on the waist or be carried as a chest bag.


We also added a two-way zip that opened into the main compartment to provide quick access to mobile phones, cards and other frequently used items.


However, one problem remained - the material used. Tyvek, while being our original material of mastery, seemed to crease a lot on the fanny. We also tried using Tyvek cloth, but the same issue prevailed. There were also issues related to printing of finer designs on this material. A change was due.


After carefully considering over 50 different materials we decided to go with polyester cloth. Granted, it was not as easily recyclable as Tyvek, but it checked off all our other boxes. It was easy to print/embroider on, water-resistant and expandable. In order to reduce its carbon footprint, we have introduced a lifetime free repair service program on all our slingers.


Just when our slingers were ready, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic hit. We decided to focus all our efforts on manufacturing and distributing masks first. We decided to halt the RnD on the fanny packs and instead focused our efforts on community mask distribution drives.


It was only when the first wave had subsided a bit that we resumed working on the slingers. The pandemic had given birth to a new normal and we wanted to take every measure possible to ensure your safety.


We thus created our sanitizer packs that could effortlessly be integrated with our slingers. Once hooked on, you'd never need to step out of the house without some anti-covid ammo.


The design of the card pouch was also changed so it could double as a mask carrier.


Finally, it was in 2020 that we launched our Slingers and the rest is history. They have been our most well-loved product till date. They are much more than a trend accessory, they are an essential.


We are now working on improving the slinger even more and introducing new designs. Keep watching this space because we go onwards and upwards in 2022!

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