Travel SuperWallet

Travel SuperWallet

Travel in style and keep your documents safe and dry.

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Travel Wishlist Travel Wallet - Supervek IndiaTravel Wishlist Travel Wallet - Supervek India
Travel Wishlist Travel Wallet
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Air Mail Travel Wallet - Supervek IndiaAir Mail Travel Wallet - Supervek India
Air Mail Travel Wallets
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Starry Rhone Night Travel Wallet - Supervek IndiaStarry Rhone Night Travel Wallet - Supervek India
Starry Rhone Night Travel Wallet
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Mor Pride Travel Wallet - Supervek IndiaMor Pride Travel Wallet - Supervek India
Mor Pride Travel Wallet
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Marrakesh Travel Wallet - Supervek IndiaMarrakesh Travel Wallet - Supervek India
Marrakesh Travel Wallet
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Superwallets are made from Tyvek, a Paper-thin, Lightweight yet Strong and Water-Resistant material, not your regular paper.

Proudly Designed and Made in India

Tyvek's paper-like thinness sets these wallets apart, offering a lightweight and comfortable carrying experience unlike bulky leather wallets - you might even forget you're carrying a wallet!

Superwallets are incredibly thin, paper-light, and with various designs to vibe with, they are sure to become a conversation starter!

Choose your Style :


Stitchless Origami Design that Expands to hold a lot

Stitched Variants:
Your everyday Bi-Fold Wallet but insanely thin


The Modern Minimalist

Travel Wallet:

Carry all your Travel essentials in Style!

Coin Pouch:
Sling your Coins and small accessories

Unique Paper-Like Carry-All clutch

Our wallets are engineered and meticulously hand-made from Tyvek. Experience the pleasure of paper-like thinness, making your carry a breeze like never before!

Despite their thin profile, Tyvek wallets are remarkably strong and water-resistant.

Avoid extreme heat or sharp objects.

Yes, Superwallets made from Tyvek are water-resistant and strong in wet and dry conditions

Wipe with a damp cloth for cleaning and avoid extreme heat or sharp objects.

All our SuperWallets come with a NEW Proprietary Coating, making them the most durable Tyvek wallets in the world!
The print will age gracefully over time, depending on everyday wear and tear.

For an extended print life, we recommend keeping the Superwallet in your front pockets.

Absolutely! Our commitment to crafting Tyvek wallets since 2015 is driven by its recyclability and cruelty-free nature, making them an eco-friendly and conscious choice.

We will recycle your Superwallet for you and provide you with a discount for your next purchase.

To learn more, head over to our
Recycle Page here
or access it through
Main Menu > Support > Recycle

Yes, Superwallets are designed to be versatile and suitable for all with so many designs to choose from!

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