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The fear and struggle of frontline workers

The world over, covid19 pandemic has infected over 3.5 million people and claimed over 250,000 lives. Hospital workers are facing a huge influx of patients and also dealing with a widespread shortage of personal protective equipment. The fear of being infected has gripped the hearts of healthcare professionals worldwide.

Hundreds of healthcare workers have died combating covid19 across the world. Without PPE it is like sending soldiers to war without ammunition. 

Supervek’s pledge to help the frontline workers of India

At Supervek, we have always been a community driven team. Our chief motivation to start fabric mask sales was to reduce the demand for medical grade masks, which are needed by the frontline workers. Every Fabric mask used is one less medical mask used. For each mask sold, we have resolved to donate a mask.

We started our drive by donating face masks to Telangana Police and frontline government workers in our local community. We take this opportunity to thank all our customers without whom this initiative would not have been possible. We are also grateful to the Telangana Police for helping us organize this drive and look forward to many more initiatives in the future. 

For each mask ordered, you will receive one in the mail and one will be donated to the many organizations who are working with those in need.

We are also in talks with hospitals and other organizations for large donation drives. Stay tuned to our feed for regular updates.

Our plea to the people of India

By shifting to a cloth-based mask instead of using medical grade masks, you can help combat the supply shortage of personal protective equipment and save the lives of frontline workers. Stand up for your doctors, nurses, policemen, sanitation workers and other frontline workers - do your bit to beat the virus.

Buy 1 - Donate 1

Support the cause

Buy 1 - Donate 1

Support the cause