“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

The things we buy speak our story. What do we use, who makes them and where do they end up once we let go of them? How do we make sure these stories have a happy ending?

We believe that small efforts from many people can lead to great change. Our planet needs us - it's time to unite and pledge to do better for ourselves and for the millions of species that live alongside us.

Your Superveks are designed with minimalism, functionality and sustainability in mind. Every time you choose to shop from Supervek, you are making a difference.

Time to Cancel Plastics

It is estimated that we produce just under 300 million tonnes of plastic per year, which is roughly the same weight as the total adult population of the world. To many, plastic may seem like an easy and inexpensive packaging solution. But the truth is, the cost of using it is far greater than imaginable. It is a non-biodegradable waste that is slowly choking our planet.

To put it into perspective - there’s so much junk at sea that it has formed giant garbage patches. There are five of them around the world, and the largest — the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — includes an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of trash and covers an area thrice the size of France.

The damage extends beyond just the environment and marine species. Plastic waste is broken into smaller pieces — known as micro-plastics — by sun exposure and wave action, after which it can find its way into the food chain. When it eventually degrades (which takes 400 years for most plastic), the process releases chemicals that further contaminate the sea. These toxins also end up finding their way to our stomachs and leading to deadly diseases like cancer.

We at must strive to be a part of the solution and not the problem. We are toiling 24/7 to ensure that we become a plastic positive movement.

In 2022, we have committed to using biodegradable materials instead of non-biodegradable materials and plastics for our packaging. We have given all your Superveks a green update and switched to using eco-friendly paper packaging made out of recycled materials.

We know the solution is not yet perfect and we are on the quest to discover better alternatives, but it's a startThe added bonus? You also get a brand new, cool af, eco-friendly af designer package that you can flex with every order!

India's first fully recyclable wallets

At Supervek, we have always been committed to making a positive impact on the community and the environment. Our first ever product - the Tyvek wallets were 100% recyclable and PETA approved vegan and we have a robust recycling programme in place for them. With your help, we have recycled thousands of wallets and Supervek wallets have emerged as the most eco-friendly wallets in India.

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Towards Carbon Neutrality

In line with the UN and Science Based Targets initiative, we have decided to cut down our carbon emissions as far as possible - also known as net carbon neutrality.

In order to achieve this, we have begun to ramp up our recycling efforts as well as provide you with lifetime free-repair warranties on select products. We are in for the long haul and aspire to be a truly eco-friendly, carbon neutral and sustainable Indian brand.

By the year 2030, we hope to be the first (of hopefully many) Made in India brands to have achieved net carbon neutrality. We are committed to aligning Supervek with the UN's sustainable development goals.

We know you care and so do we. Together, we believe we can achieve our targets and move towards a cleaner and greener future.